There are numerous benefits to choosing a bespoke joinery manufacturer and this page explains some of the main advantages you enjoy from our services. Working with builders, building companies and private customers in Skipton, Ilkley and all the surrounding areas, we create anything you want.

Whether you require a made-to-measure kitchen, fitted bedroom wardrobes or other products, we supply truly custom pieces that are high-quality and hardwearing.

Why Choose Bespoke Joinery?

If you want unique products and features that perfectly fit your space and blend in seamlessly with the style of your property, custom joinery is for you. The following are some of the main benefits we provide as a bespoke joinery manufacturer:


A significant advantage of our services is that everything is made-to-measure, from fitted kitchens and wardrobes to timber windows and doors. This means you can be sure that products will fit perfectly and make the most of available space.

Furthermore, proper fitting prolongs the lifespan of your products because the wood is not under unnecessary stress.

Match Your Property & Tastes

With custom joinery we can match new products to existing features or the style of your property, resulting in a seamless and cohesive designs. This is especially important for period properties in Skipton, Ilkley and North Yorkshire because matching features, such as windows, may be a requirement of planning permission.

In addition, because we manufacture products in a wide range of timbers and finishes, we can match your desired style and add a personal touch to your property. We even have a spray booth at our workshop so we can supply fully finished sprayed products.

Style & Function

As bespoke joinery manufacturers, we offer the perfect balance between style and function. With 40 years of combined experience, our team creates attractive products in any design you require, from traditional to contemporary. We also use high-quality timber and sheet materials for the best possible finish.

However, we know our products need to be fully functional too and ensure fitted kitchens, bedroom wardrobes and all other products offer a high level of performance as well as visual appeal.


With a specialist company such as us, you know the products we supply are of the highest quality. Because we tailor designs and materials around your needs, we make sure every aspect is suitable for purpose and durable.

We supply a wide variety of timber and sheet materials, as well as fittings and fixtures, from trusted sources, ensuring every component is up to standard.

Bespoke Joinery Manufacturer

Skipton Joinery manufactures anything you require, to your specifications. Our popular custom services in the Skipton and Ilkley areas include:

  • Timber Windows
  • Timber Doors
  • Wooden Staircases
  • Made-to-Measure Fitted Wardrobes
  • Made-to-Measure Fitted Kitchens
  • Shop Fitting
  • Bars
  • Wooden Gates
  • Roof Trusses