Staircase Design

Our bespoke joinery manufacturers create designs around the measurements of your property and your style requirements. Alternatively, we can work to designs you already have. Whether supplying traditional or modern wooden staircases, we deliver high-quality results. The following are some of Skipton Joinery’s popular design options:

  • Oak Staircases

  • Glass Staircases

  • Closed Tread

  • Open Tread

  • Spindles

Oak Staircases

Oak offers a luxurious, classic style which suits all kinds of properties in Skipton, Ilkley, Keighley, Harrogate, and the surrounding areas. Furthermore, oak is very adaptable and versatile, meaning we can create a vast range of looks and finishes, whether you want to create clean edges, a rustic look, retain the natural colour, or paint it to complement your design scheme.

Glass Staircases

Over recent years, glass staircases have become popular for contemporary homes and commercial spaces. By incorporating glass panels into wooden staircases, our bespoke joinery manufacturers blend traditional and modern styles for a sleek, clean design that maximises natural light.

Closed Tread

Closed tread staircases are the most traditional style and offer a higher level of safety for children and pets.

Open Tread

Open tread staircases are becoming more popular with clients in Skipton, Ilkley, Keighley, and Harrogate, thanks to the feeling of space they create and the way they maximise natural light.


Spindles are a key aspect of staircase design, providing a level of safety as well as contributing to the overall look of the stairs. We create spindles in any style to require and, as with all our products, ensure they meet the highest levels of safety and durability.

With Skipton Joinery’s bespoke joinery manufacturing services, you can combine features to create your ideal staircase and we work closely with builders and private customers to manufacture wooden staircases to exact specifications.